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Milind Soman - model, Bollywood actor and fitness

ambassador - recently visited Israel to participate

in the annual Winner Jerusalem Marathon, in

which he ran the half marathon. Even though his

visit was brief, he enjoyed his visit to the Old City

of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea

Fitness Ambassador and Actor Milind Soman at theWesternWall in Jerusalem

The office also conducts regular training sessions for tour operators

and travel agents around the country to ensure that knowledge

about Israel as a destination is available and where any queries can

be addressed immediately.

Familiarisation trips,represented by both travel trade andmainstream

media, are a valuable activity that have assisted in changing the

perception of Israel as a pilgrimage and historical destination,

highlighting different themes including luxury travel, adventure

activities,women-friendly and food centric trips,to name a few.Some

of the top newspapers and magazines as well as travel publications

have featured Israel,one citing it as a destination“…with its myriad

offerings such as unspoiled nature, exciting cities, rich heritage,

intriguing architecture and unbelievably delicious cuisine, has a

little something for everyone.” - (Rama Ahuja – ‘Millionaire Asia’).

Mr. Ashwani Lohan, CMD Air India, flanked by Mr. Hassan Madah and

Mr. Pankaj Srivastava, overlooking Jaffa Coast

From Bollywood to Tel Aviv and Back

TheMinistry of Tourismalso coordinated Bollywood actress and fashion

icon Sonam Kapoor’s visit, who travelled to Israel for a photoshoot

and spent a few days visiting attractions in the Old City of Jerusalem,

Tel Aviv,and the Dead Sea Region.Milind Soman - model,Bollywood

actor and fitness ambassador - recently visited Israel to participate

in the annual Winner JerusalemMarathon, in which he ran the half

marathon.Even though his visit was brief,he enjoyed his visit to the

Old City of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

With support from the India Office, television production crews

have visited Israel and have aired featured episodes - a 30-minute

segment was aired on India Today,four episodes on Israel are slated

for release on TravelXP and there is significant interest from the

Bollywood industry to film in Israel.

In 2016,the Israeli Ministry of Tourism invested INR 13CR (approximately

USD 1.9M) in an advertising campaign on television,digital platforms

and in print – in daily newspapers and magazines, showcasing the

tourist attractions in Israel.The campaignwas live for a total of 4months

and resulted in a number of queries about Israel as a destination

from both the travel industry and travellers alike. In 2017, the India

Office is planning to invest in two campaigns, targeting the Indian

summer travel period in mid-March and another in September.

The India Office is also investing in joint marketing ventures with

different tour operators in India to utilise alternative mediums of

promoting the destination as well.

Air India will fly between India and Israel

Mr.Ashwani Lohan, Chairman & Managing Director of Air India, and

Mr.Pankaj Srivastava,Commercial Director,visited Israel inMarch 2017

accompanied by Mr.Hassan Madah,Director of the Israel Ministry of

TourismOffice in India,and announced their intention to start flights

between India and Israel effective May 2017. With the addition of

the national carrier connecting the two countries, the Ministry of

Tourism is anticipating an exponential increase in the number of

travellers from India to Israel.

The response received from these efforts has contributed to a 13%

increase in tourism from India to Israel in 2016, setting a record for

the highest number of tourist arrivals from India in a year - 44,672.The

momentumhas continued into 2017:in January and February of 2017

there has been an increase of 16% over the same period last year.