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Indian Jewish History


Travel & Tourism




umbai is rich with Jewish Indian history and culture.In the

1930’s,Dr.Elijah Moses,a Bene Israeli Indian Jew,a medical

doctor,was the city’s first Jewish mayor.A number of Bene

Israel community members rose to prominence in the arts, film,

government and the military. The Sassoons, a wealthy Baghdadi

merchant family, left their mark on the city with a library, schools

and a dock named after the family. 

The Bene-Israeli and Baghdadi Jewish population in India stands at

less than 4,500,themajority of whom reside inMumbai.Together they

have eight (including a Progressive congregation) active synagogues

and congregations in Mumbai. 

While visiting Mumbai, you can hire a Jewish Indian tour guide. 

Be prepared with extra copies of your passport to present at the

synagogues as a proof of identity for security measures,and to give a

token of‘tzedaka’if you visit and photograph at each of the synagogues. 

A Heritage Tour of Jewish Mumbai

Taking a Peep at Jewish Life in India

Shulie Madnick


.Sassoon Docks:

Situated south of the Colaba area,are the main

fishing docks built by the Sassoon family in 1875.Go early to watch

the Kolis - fishermen - bring back their daily catch. Address: Colaba

Causeway, Azad Nagar, Colaba.


. Chabad House: 

 Also known as Nariman House, in Colaba,

is a welcome place for Shabbat services. It also has a pre-school

and grammar school attended by local Indian Jewish kids. Nariman

House is the Chabad House that lost its Rabbi,Rabbi Gavriel Holzberg,

and his wife Rivki, among other victims, in the 2008 terrorist

attacks. Address: 5 Harmosji Street, Colaba.


. Knesseth Eliyahoo Synagogue (Baghdadi):

This beautiful blue

structure was built in 1884 with funds donated by the Sassoon family.

It has an English period architecture with magnificent stained glass

windows.Knesset Eliyahoo is probably the most visited synagogue

by tourists. Address: Dr.V. B. Gandhi Marg, Fort.

Knesseth Eliyahoo (Baghdadi) Synagogue