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Jewish Indian history


. David Sassoon Library:

 ‘In 1863, Sir David Sassoon, a leading

banker of Mumbai, contributed Rs.60,000/- to the government to

build a Mechanic's Institute,now called the David Sassoon Library.This

Venetian Gothic styled structure was completed in 1870’ according

to its site. Address: 152 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort.


. Flora Fountain:

  According to Dr.Shaul Sapir,a Baghdadi Jewish

author, “Mumbai's Baghdadi Jews believe that the name Flora is

none other than Flora Sassoon (1859-1936),the enterprising wife of

Solomon Sassoon (1841-94)”. Address:Veer Nariman Road,Mahatma

Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort.


. Shaar HaRahamimSynagogue (Bene Israel):

 ‘Gates of Mercy’

is the oldest synagogue in Mumbai. Built in 1796, it is located on

Samuel Street, a street named after Shaar HaRahamim founder, a

Jewish military officer named Samuel Ezekiel Diveker. Address: 254

Samuel Street, Mandvi.


. Shaare Rason Synagogue (Bene Israel):

‘Gates ofWill’Synagogue

was the second synagogue built in Mumbai in 1843, located at a

walking distance from Shaar HaRahamim. Address: 90 Tantanpura

Street, Mandvi.


. Etz HaeemPrayer Hall (Bene Israel):

'Tree of Life’Prayer Hall. The

current location was built in 1927 but the congregation was founded

in 1888 by a social worker who also served as the head of the school,

Haeem Samuel Kehimkar. Address: 19 Umarkhadi, 2nd Cross Lane,

Balu Changu Patil Marg.


.MagenDavid Synagogue (Baghdadi):

This synagogue was built

in 1861. English architectural elements and influences are strongly

evident in both Baghdadi synagogues in Mumbai. Together with

Knesseth Eliyahoo and Ohel David in Pune, Magen David is under

the umbrella of Sir Jacob Sassoon Synagogues & Charity Trusts. It

has modest rooms for rent by travelers on the premises. Sir Jacob

Sassoon High School is located on the grounds and today is mostly

attended by Muslim children from the heavily Muslim populated

Byculla neighborhood.  Address: 340 Sir J. J. Road, Byculla.


. Magen Hassidim (Bene Israel):

What started as a Prayer Hall

in 1904, became, structurally, the largest Bene Israel synagogue in

Mumbai. ‘Defender of the Pious’, this well-preserved synagogue

has a small yet vibrant community. Address: 8 Mohomed Shahid

Marg, Agripada.

Knesseth Eliyahoo (Baghdadi) Synagogue

Magen Hassidim (Bene Israel) Synagogue

Shaar HaRahamim (Bene Israel) Synagogue


. Tiphaereth Israel (Bene Israel):

‘Glory of Israel’ was initially

established in 1886 as Jacob Circle Prayer Hall.The synagogue was

built in 1924. Address: 92, K. K. Marg, Jacob Circle.


. JCC:

  The Progressive Movement in India known as the Jewish

Religious Union was founded in 1925. Since 1999 the Progressive

Movement has been conducting the High Holidays services at the JCC

which is supported by the AJJDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution

Committee). The AJJDC also operates community activities at the

JCC and is the headquarters for community relief programs.


. Jewish cemeteries:

There are several Jewish cemeteries in

Mumbai, in Mazgaon, Worli and Bandra, among other locations

around the city.


. Schools:

Visit Sir Elly Kaddorie School,ORT and Sir Jacob Sassoon

High School (on the Magen David compound).

There are synagogues just outside of Mumbai in Kurla,Panvel,Thane,

Pune and Alibaug, and in New Delhi and Cochin.

Shulamit Shaulker Madnick (Shulie Madnick) is a freelance food andTravel

writer and photographer.Followher food blog,

on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Copyright material @shuliemadnick