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The Indian Peninsula is separated

from mainland Asia by the

Himalayas.The Bay of Bengal in

the east, the Arabian Sea in the

west, and the Indian Ocean to

the south surround the country.


3.3 Million sq km



1.2 billion (approx.)

Geographic Coordinates:

Lying entirely in the Northern

Hemisphere, the mainland

extends between latitudes 8°4'

and 37°6' north,longitudes 68°7'

and 97°25' east.



New Delhi

Border Countries:

Afghanistan and Pakistan to the

north-west; China, Bhutan and

Nepal to the north;Myanmar to

the east; and Bangladesh to the

east of West Bengal. Sri Lanka is

separated from India by a narrow

channel of sea, formed by Palk

Strait and the Gulf of Mannar.


7,516.6 km encompassing the

mainland,Lakshadweep Islands,

and the Andaman & Nicobar



The climate of India can broadly

be classified as a tropical

monsoon one. But, despite

much of the northern part of

India lying beyond the tropical

zone, the entire country has

a tropical climate marked by

relatively high temperatures

and dry winters. There are four

seasons - (i) winter (December-

February), (ii) summer (March-

June), (iii) south-west monsoon

season (June-September), and

(iv) post-monsoon season

(October- November).

Natural Resources:

Coal, iron ore, manganese ore,

mica, salt, bauxite, petroleum,

titanium ore, chromite, natural

gas, magnesite, limestone,


apatite, phosphorite, steatite,

fluorite, etc.

Key Economic Indicators:

Economic growth is supported

by market reforms, substantial

inflows of FDI, rising foreign

exchange reserves, IT and real

estate boom, and a flourishing

capital market.

With the largest number of listed

companies - 10,000 across 23

stock exchanges, India has the

third-largest investor base in

the world.

India has a large domestic

consumer market – 1.2 billion

population including 300million

classified as middle class (earning

US$ 2000- US$ 22,000 a year).

In fact, according to a study by

the McKinsey Global Institute

(MGI), India’s consumer market

will be the world’s 5th largest in

the world by 2025.


ndia is the seventh country by area, the second-most populous

country, and the most populous democracy in the world. The

Indian economy was the world's seventh largest by nominal GDP

and largest by purchasing power parity. Following market-based

economic reforms in 1991,India became one of the fastest-growing

major economies and is considered a newly industrialized country.

In addition, India is among

the world's youngest nations

with a median age of 25 years.

Its working age population is

estimated to rise to 70% of the

total demographic by 2030 - the

largest in the world.India will see

70 million new entrants to its

workforce over the next five years.

India-Israel Trade:

Major exports from India to

Israel include precious stones

and metals, chemical products,

textile and textile articles,plants

and vegetable products,mineral

products, rubber and plastic

products, base metals and

machinery. Major exports from

Israel to India include precious

stones and metals, chemical

and mineral products, base

metals,machinery,and transport


While the traditional business

thrust in diamonds, agriculture,

chemicals, information &

communication technology and

pharmaceuticals remains strong,

there is a growing interest from

Israeli companies in clean energy,

water technologies, biotech,

nanotech, homeland security,

real estate, infrastructure and

financial services.

Type of Government:

Sovereign Socialist Democratic

Republic with a Parliamentary

System of Government.

Administrative Divisions:29 States

and 6 Union Territories.


The Constitution of India came

into force on 26th January 1950.

India in Brief

Facts and Figures about India

photo by: © Asitjain,Wikimedia Commons


Taj Mahal

photo by: © Kshishtof

ISKCON Delhi Temple

photo by: © Zepherwind

Sambhar salt lake, Rajasthan

photo by: © Dbyjuhfl