Israel India | Business Guide | 2017

Companies Directory & Important Contacts 112
Greetings – Ambassador of Israel in India 6
Greetings – Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India in Israel 7
Greetings – Consul General of Israel in Mumbai 8
Greetings – Head of Trade & Economic Mission, Embassy of Israel - New Delhi 10
Greetings - Consul for Trade and Economic Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai 12
Greetings - Consul for Trade & Economic Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in Bengaluru 14
Greetings – Director General of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), New Delhi 16
Israel-India Trade Figures 18
‘Make in India’ – Making India a Manufacturing Hub 22
Make (It) In India: Opportunities and New Methods of Collaboration 23
‘Smart Cities Mission’ – Sustainable & Inclusive Cities 24
Overview of Israel-India Relations: Similarities Make Us Unite 25
Efficient Methods of Irrigation 26
Road to 20B – Fields of Cooperation between Israel & India 28
Invest in Israel: Israel's attractive ecosystem 29
Bridging the ‘Innovation Gap’ between Israel & India 30
Agriculture 32
Training the Trainers: Indo-Israel Agricultural Cooperation Project 34
Partnership in Agriculture: Higher Growth, High Value Foods and Higher Incomes 38
From Agricultural Needs to Commercial Products 41
Water 42
‘Clean Ganga Project’: The Holy River is in Need of Rejuvenation 44
Beating Back the Global Water Crisis with Technology: Israel New Tech 46
India - Israel Collaboration in Water 52
Livestock 54
More Milk with less Dairy Cows 56
Livestock and the Indian Economy 58
Cyber, Defense & Homeland Security 60
Cooperation in Defense & HLS 62
Enhancing Defense Manufacturing in India 64
Israel’s HLS Industry 68
ICT 70
Combining Forces: Can Indian-Israeli Technology Collaboration Change the World 72
Communications: Linking the World with Ground-breaking Technology 76
Medtech & Pharma 78
India’s Healthcare Sector 80
India’s Growing Food Industry 82
Answering today’s Healthcare Challenges 83
Higher Education 84
Interview with President of Tel Aviv University 86
Cross-Border Communications: Building Better Understanding 88
What Higher Education in Israel has to offer students from India? 89
Infrastructure 90
Major Investments Planned in India's Infrastructure Sector 92
Dealing with the Public Tendering Process in India 93
Services 94
Joint Ventures in Israel 96
Banking in India 98
Setting Up Operations in India 100
Travel & Tourism 102
Introducing Israel as a leisure destination for Indians 103
A Heritage Tour of Jewish Mumbai 105
More Information 107
Facts About Israel 108
Facts About India 109
The Commercial Wing, Embassy of India in Israel 110
Directory and Important Contacts 112
Meeting Face to Face & Making Things Happen 114

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