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002 > Editorial > Opening Words Israel-India > Business Guide > 2017 Publishers: Paprika Productions Ltd,Tel Aviv. Tel:+972-74-7030603, Mobile:+972-52-3232130 Email: Web site: Editors and Co-publishers: Abraham Yehuda & Associates, Mumbai, India Mobile: +91-98333-68765 Email: Production Manager: Inbal Peleg Sales Managers: Tal Ishai, Mrinal Khosla Art Director: Miri Berg Graphic Design: Consept, Branding & Design Mobile: +972-54-8197686 Email: Images: DreamsTime. All rights reserved (C). Images cannot be used for any other purposes, copied or transferred to other publications. The Israel-India Business Guide - 2017 was promoted by the Embassy of India in Israel, the Embassy of Israel in India, the Consulate Generals of Israel in Mumbai and Bengaluru, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Israel Export Institute, Manufacturers' Association of Israel and Israel-India Chamber of Commerce. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information given in this business guide is accurate and has been received from reliable sources, the publishers / editor do not hold themselves liable in any way whatsoever for any inaccuracy / inaccuracies that may have been published inadvertently. Dear Readers, I ndia and Israel are celebrating their 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations.Both countries have reached this phase following cooperation in a variety of fields - more than what we could have imagined in the past. Through the 50’s,60’s,70’s and the 80’s,we,growing up in India and in Israel, wondered when the time would come for full relations to be established.It was but a natural thing to happen! Each and every one of you, dear readers, has been involved in facilitating these relations:Company executives who have gone that extra mile to forge links, to build confidence and to set things in motion; Governments and government representatives on both sides,who worked and are still working very hard to promote business and ensure that the appropriate channels are established,the right incentives are provided and that bilateral agreements are signed;entrepreneurs,investors and even tourists and volunteers – all of you are the bricks with which a tall building is being built, on solid foundations. 2017 will include various events,delegations and conferences,but the jewels in the crown will be the visits of the respective Prime Ministers from India and Israel,the other’s country in the course of the year.On this momentous occasion, we are grateful to all those who worked behind the scenes to make it possible for the two countries to build full diplomatic,strategic and business relations.These were‘Ambassadors of Goodwill’,who,for years,had been working to set up links,often risking their own careers so that the two countries chartered a course that would further strengthen the faith that the two peoples had about each other. The Publishers wish to congratulate each and every player for ensuring that this day would come. Today, we are confident that the next 25 years and beyond will bring further fruitful interaction between the two countries. Sincerely yours, Inbal Peleg Paprika Productions LTD Tel Aviv, Israel AbrahamYehuda AbrahamYehuda & Associates Mumbai, India Business Guide | 2017 I srael I ndia Can India-IsraelCollaboration in TechnologyChange theWorld? Road to20B:TowardsFasterGrowth inBilateralTrade Israel& IndiaGetCloseronDefense, Cyber&HomelandSecurity IndustrySectorReviews • India'sPlannedProjects and their ImpactonMutualTrade • TradeData • CompaniesandOpportunities • Andmore Israel& India -Celebrating 25YearsofDiplomatic Relations&Growing from Strength toStrength! Sponsors: Embassyof Israel in India ISRAEL-INDIA BUSINESS GUIDE 2017 | 25th Anniversary Issue

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