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ScannedbyTapScanner Lior Keinan Raphael Morav Hello, M ore than 25 years ago, South Africa transitioned into a democracyandbecame Israel’s main trading partner on the continent. South Africa is home to the leading and most progressive economy in Africa. Israeli Companies can find stable financial services, local companies turned global, advanced service systems, innovation hubs and a demand for Israeli high-tech and cyber technologies. This added to the better- known needs in thefields of agriculture, public health, infrastructure andwater. The potential for trade does not stop in South Africa. The country’s regional importance allows Israeli companies to use the local connections as a springboard to southern Africa and further. The Embassy of Israel in Pretoria and the Economic Trade Office in Johannesburg will gladly assist you in all that is necessary to advance trade relations between the countries. Yours sincerely, Lior Keinan Ambassador Israeli Embassy in South Africa Dear friends and partners, I am very pleased to be part of the 2020 edition of Israel-Africa Business Guide. The Israeli and Ethiopian nations have a long shared heritage going back to biblical times. Today, Israel and Ethiopia maintain close & friendly relations at all levels and are eager to build together a strong partnership for the future. Our governments are committed to strengthen the already good collaboration between our two countries in various economic fields for the improvement of thewell-being of the people. Our economies, thoughdifferent in size, scale and scope, are a perfect match. They do not compete but rather complete one another. Moreover, Ethiopia sharesmany challenges Israel has faced over the years. Many Israeli solutions to the shared challenges could be adapted to Ethiopia’s specifications. The Embassy of Israel in Addis Abeba spares no effort in assisting the business communities of both countries to establish a collaboration. To bridge over the mental and cultural differences is sometimes a challenging task but with perseverance and patience, I have learned, everything is possible. I wish you the best success in your future endeavours. Raphael Morav Ambassador of Israel to Ethiopia Israel Africa > Business Guide > 2020 10 > General Information > Greetings

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