Israel UAE | Business Guide | 2021

Eitan Na’eh Dear Readers, T he historic AbrahamAccords and agreements are an important milestone that will serve to advance security and stability and will yield substantial economic and commercial achievements across the region.  It is already starting to shape the minds of people, winning hearts and minds towards peace and its many advantages. It is a result of a brave vision of our leaders - a vision of peace, breaking off from the world of yesterday to a better world tomorrow, combined with creative statecraft, expedient execution and hard work of many from the United States of America, the UAE, and Israel.  Israel and the UAE are two nations that have a lot in common. Both societies are driven by vision, innovation, and thrive on the use of newtechnologies. UAE and Israel are home to some of theworld’smost promising startups. We already share aworldviewon the region. But it’s not only two small and very ambitious States that thrive in impossible conditions - it’sfirst and foremost a long-termpeople-to-people connection,  supported by governments that are determined tomake every effort to assist business communities to connect. Food security and energy are emerging as key areas in which the UAE and Israel can cooperate. Both Israel and UAE are made up of desert lands and scarce water resources, with UAE importing more than 90 % of its food but beginning to boost its food and water security in the past few years.  Israel can cooperatewith theUAE in the agricultural sector in order to enhance both countries' relative advantagesandexperience. Inenergy - the renewable energy sector is yet another area. Israel is particularly strong in food technology and innovation and has a large ecosystem of food tech companies, with several partnershipswith research institutes and universities. Peaceful co existence is not a dreamanymore, but a reality. Israel has immensely important peace agreements with its immediate neighbors - Egypt and Jordan, a cornerstone in our national security architecture and the entire Middle East. Along with the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan have joined in and hopefully more countries soon. The Middle East Peace Club (MEPC) is growing to become a club others want to belong to. From Bahrain and the UAE in the East to Morocco in the west - a zone of cooperation, that offers opportunities in trade, tourism, innovation, and above all security and stability, is being formed. With other like-minded countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, the word opportunities is dressed with a new meaning. Wedon't have to agree on everything, but one subject: The future belongs to visionaries - the peacemakers. Disagreements should not block cooperation for a better future. Cooperation on the other hand, can and will reduce disagreements. Yours, Ambassador Eitan Na’eh Head of Mission  Embassy of Israel to the United Arab Emirates Courtesy: Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Israel-UAE > Business Guide > 2021 08 > General Information > Greetings

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