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Out-of-deck touchdownonanArm ● No limitationonwingspan ● Mechanized insertion intohangar andback to launching ● Maximumsafety andminimum crew exposure to the elements ● Computer-controlled for reliability We offer solutions for: ● MALE UAVs on Frigates / Destroyers and bigger ships ● Medium UAVs on crowded decks of patrol boats ● UAVs stowed / operated from below deck of combatants ● Expeditionary ships' UAVs operations on-land / no-runway conditions ● Air-to-air UAVs quick-pace retrieval ● Gunnery training aerial targets' direct recovery on the launching ship ● UAVs/light planes recovery on ships for resupply - also transfer of crew members Sea Testing Successful The LAR-DH Method has been tested at sea in the USA. Result was complete success detailed in test report Israeli RFI-Contest Win LAR-DH solution for small combatant's UAV was selected as the preferred solution in an Israeli all industry contest in 2008. About us: Meir Yoffe, Aeronautical Engineer, MBA, now a private engineer, was Israel's first UAV - the IAI Pioneer - GCS Project Engineer, conceiving much of the first CONOPS by himself. Since then he has been inventing and patenting solutions for launch and recovery of larger fixed- wing UAVs and light planes in confined conditions and adverse weather, reasoning that the fixed-wings and simple construction still ensure best overall platforms for UAVs escorting ships at sea, performing AEW, OTHT, ESM, COMM and light ASW, more. Cable-Assisted Point Recovery & Launching Method for larger wingspan UAVs on small ships and land LAR-DH – Launch, Recovery & Deck Handling Contact: M. Yoffe, Aero. Eng. MBA | 48/15 Jabotinsky St., Holon 5829309, Israel Tel: +972-3-5011141 | Mobile: +972-50-6364041 | Email:

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