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Bio-based Thermoplastic For more information, please contact: Liat Arad, VP of Marketing ● U BQMaterials has developed the world’s first bio- based thermoplastic, UBQ ™ , made entirely from organic and unrecyclable household waste. UBQ ™ is an easy swap for oil-based plastics in thousands of everyday applications: pipes, flooring, shipping pallets, garment hangers, garden containers, and even automotive parts. Founded in Israel, the company has quickly become a leader in sustainable materials with an R&D center in Israel and a growing global footprint. For every ton of UBQ ™ produced, up to 11 . 7 tons of CO 2 equivalent emissions are prevented, helping combat climate change and preserving finite natural resources. UBQ's clients include key players across industries, including PepsiCo, McDonald's, Mercedes Benz, ABinBev, Teknor Apex and Rimax, to name a few. UBQ is expanding rapidly, with a new state-of-the-art lab andmaterial production facility in the Netherlands set to open this year. The company is currently tripling its workforce, recruiting 140 new employees, most of whom will work in the facility. Establishment of UBQ facilities add value to any host country through the company’s triple impact effect. UBQ boosts the local waste, material, and business ecosystems by transforming trash into a valuable and eco-friendly resource, while driving growth through the introduction of green jobs. This is a win-win situation for everyone, as UBQ reshapes the way most things are made and brings us one step closer to a world without waste. UBQ ™ , a Sustainable Plastic Substitute For more information: S ince 2015 , Israeli start-up Twine Solutions has been converting textile manufacturers from using conventional dyeing practices that involve tremendous loss of water and environmental pollution, to Twine’s unique waterless digital dyeing process, allowing customers to dye the exact quantities of thread and yarn, in- house and on-demand. Twine’s revolutionary digital dyeing system is based on their proprietary technology and process, providing digitally dyed thread and yarn ready for immediate use. Twine's TS- 1800 ™ legacy system, designed for product development and sampling has recently been joined by the launch of TwineX 4 ™ , the next-generation dyeing system for production. Well-suited for short to medium production, TwineX 4 ™ enables manufacturers to improve their production efficiency and flexibility, and expedite order fulfilment to keep up with the demands of the fashion industry. Engineered for sustainability, TwineX 4 ™ is approximately 2 . 7 times more energy efficient per kg compared to traditional dyeing processes. Removing MOQs and dyeing exact lengths of thread or yarn, reduces waste by up to eight times. Furthermore, TwineX 4 ™ minimizes electricity and carbon emissions by reducing transport of raw material, and the need for excess inventory storage. Twine Solutions is Making Environmental Gains with its Waterless Digital Dyeing Process 32 Climate Tech Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine April 2023 Sustainable Textile

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