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Publishers: Paprika Productions Ltd, Tel Aviv Spicy Marketing Relations Tel: + 972 - 74 - 7030603 Mobile: + 972 - 52 - 3232130 ● Production manager: Inbal Peleg ● Editing: Avivit Mishmary, Abraham Yehuda ● Designers: Noa Cohen ● The guide was produced with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Israeli Ministry of Economy, Israel Export & Institute, Manufacturers' Association of Israel and the Israel-Africa Chamber of commerce. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information given in this business guide is accurate and has beenreceivedfromreliablesources, thepublishers do not hold themselves liable in anywaywhatsoever for any inaccuracy that may have been published inadvertently. The publishers are not responsible for the content of the advertisements in the guide. Israel Africa Zero inonyourbusinessconnection:Variouscompanies inside BusinessGuide 2020 / 2021 Israel’sCollaboration withAfrica: Usingknow- howthroughcreative solutions TradeData: The futureopportunities lie inworkingwith theprivatesector WhenSuitsMeet T-shirts: Awareness forculturedifferences couldpave theway to successfuldeals Dear Readers, I srael is an export-oriented nation, and is constantly searching for new markets for cooperation, import and export. Africa, with its various countries, has become a target area for Israeli corporations and businesspersons. Israeli technology, capabilities and unique experience are well suited to the different needs of the various African countries, and we are hearing more and more about successful and significant transactions between Israelis and Africans. Furthermore, the Israeli government has recently taken a number of steps to expand relations. Anewembassywas opened inRwanda, and two newcommercial departments - inKenya andGhana - were opened, adding to the one in South Africa. All of these, in addition to the other ten Israeli embassies, are intended to strengthen ties between the State of Israel and the various African countries. Business potential between Israel andAfrica is still far fromutilized to the fullest. There are more opportunities to implement and others that are still to be explored. However, one can definitely say that the road is open and the seeds for collaboration have already begun to sprout. We hope that this guide, which briefly lists various Israeli activities in Africa and covers the different sectors of trade between the two countries, will inspire African businesspeople to develop relationships with the Israeli business community. We would like to thank the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israel Ministry of Economy & Industry for their support, aswell as the help of the Israel-Africa Chamber of Commerce. We wish you pleasant reading and successful business. Respectfully, Inbal Peleg, Paprika Productions LTD Tel Aviv, Israel Israel Africa > Business Guide > 2020 02 > Opening Words

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