Medical Cannabis 2020

8 Israelagri - Cannabis service taps that are scattered throughout the cultivation areas of the farm. Irrigation and drainage system: Cannabis cultivation is generally divided into different growing compartments. NDJ plans the system to ensure that each compartment receives the appropriate fertilizing formula, according to its variety and growth stage. Another important project component is the greenhouse drainage system . A solution is needed for extra run-off from a detached substrate. Drainage can be returned to the irrigation system through a dilution junction, or can be discarded from the system after treatment. Climate control and fertigation: Regarding both greenhouse climate control and irrigation and fertilization control, NDJ’s acquisition of the Gavish Systems company about five years ago has provided an additional advantage in the company’s ability to provide cannabis-growing projects with a very reliable, overall control system that includes climate control and precise nutrigation tables. In the cannabis-growing process, control and maintenance of desired climatic conditions are very significant. On one hand, it’s important to maintain ideal temperatures for the plant; on the other hand, we must be careful not to increase humidity levels beyond a certain point so as to prevent conditions that might cause the appearance of Botrytis Cinerea or other humidity damage. NDJ supplies and installs high pressure stainless steel fogger systems for cooling purposes which, when properly coordinated with air circulation systems, enable good uniform cooling without adding humidity to the system." "Gavish Climate Controllers provide a smart solution for customers who request the connection of sensors to the system in order to determine the pressure in the greenhouse, control the CO2 levels in the greenhouse, control the temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and coordinate it together with fertilizer control. Gavish fertilizers provide the precise desired level of fertilizer, whether the instruction is transmitted directly to a fertigation machine such as the mixer table, electrical dose pumps, or Dutch fertilizing systems, etc., according to the project requirements." "Over the past year, the company has sold and set up more than 10 project systems in Israel and abroad. All medical cannabis projects meet the GAP Standard and NDJ sells irrigation products for all types and stages of growing. The company’s extensive list of products can be adapted to any requirement. Over the past year, NDJ has taken part in designing and installing systems in numerous projects, including a small R & D nursery, medium (0.5 hectare) to large scale (4 hectare) farms in Israel, as well as projects abroad." Non-agricultural companies have also entered the cannabis field so customers should take care to choose the right company. "NDJ," notes Nimrod Regev, "is among the few companies capable of supplying the gamut of solutions under one roof - from planning to end solutions. We ensure high reliability and pay special attention to customer needs, throughout planning and installation. We are also available to the customer after the project has been set up and running."

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