Medical Cannabis 2020

7 plants should be cultivated. In cold areas, for example, farmers may avoid cultivating plants in the winter, while farmers in warmer climates may avoid growing during the summer months. "Initially," says Nimrod Regev, "we received very varied requests requiring different solutions. This led us to plan a flexible project that adapts itself over a longer time, taking into account changes that are expected to occur in the growing method resulting from altered operational considerations. It is important to understand that once greenhouses are built and pipelines are already installed, it is harder to execute changes. Therefore, we need to take into account future changes in the field, even years ahead. It’s important to create reliable solutions and to maintain continuity of irrigation. The cheaper solution is not always the best or the safest. Cannabis-growing projects are very large and involve high expenses, of which the costs of climatic and irrigation control constitute only a small portion. It’s therefore important to choose a reliable company that plans control and irrigation systems well, and supplies quality, reliable products so that the plant receives the very best conditions and produces high yields. "Customers who don’t come from the world of agriculture have difficulty understanding just how important this is. Ultimately, NaanDanJain is responsible for building the system that feeds the plant, which is the most important component of the project and must be considered very carefully." Several things must be considered when preparing to plan or install an irrigation system for cannabis-growing projects: Service water: The whole water supply system is connected. It includes the main control head, collection tanks that serve as an emergency reservoir in case of water outage, as well as 1 ClickTif HD drippers per pot 2 ClickTif HD drippers per pot

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